Alberta Corporate Video Production
EPCOR – Presentation Video Series

The Lindisfarne Productions’s video production team was recently approached by the excellent team at EPCOR to produce a presentation video series focusing on innovation at EPCOR, for use internally.

Complimenting the style of the well-known TEDtalk, our Lindisfarne team balanced technical lighting, 3 camera angles, and sound for live performance in a traditional theatre setting at Campus Saint Jean.

Presentation VideoWe heard from dedicated EPCOR team members Jennifer Rolph and Chris Chapelsky about the new innovations being spearheaded by EPCOR, as well as the constant need to adapt, assess, and look to the future in order to continue to deliver adequate services to Edmontonians and Albertans.

Presentation Video

Our team learned a lot about all of the dedication and innovation that goes into managing utilities and had a great time working with the EPCOR team on this series of presentation videos!