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Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts – Here’s Nina Awards

This past Thursday, November 2nd Lindisfarne was honoured to both create award videos for, and attend the annual Here’s Nina Fundraising dinner.

It was another fun and successful event for The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts an innovative art collective for artists with developmental disabilities. Since their founding in 2003, the Nina has grown to include almost 200 members whose work has been shown internationally.

This year 5 artists were recognized for artistic achievement and commitment to their artistic practice.

The winners were:

Create Award: Holly Sabourin

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“Holly is a very creative artist she has been able to develop a distinctive style and consistent body of work. She has produced work on commission and exhibits regularly.”  

TELUS Connect Award: Angela Trudel

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“Angela was able to make connections with several of the artists who wrote songs for the ATB New Voices project. Her voice in the recording studio and performance in the videos brought three songs written by other artists to life helping to connect The Collective to a wider community.  “

Rotary Club of Edmonton Northeast Changed Life Award: Grace Willard

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“Grace had not made any art since stopping at 18 to raise her family. A survivor of depression, brain injury and domestic abuse Grace reconnected with art and her community in her late 50s after being introduced to the programs at the NINA. Grace is in the studios two days a week, works with paint and textiles and sells work regularly.”

ATB Financial Emerging Artist Award: Dean Bardal

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“Dean has been coming to the Centre for 18 months. He has been featured in the kitchen gallery and at Oxford square. Dean already had a style that he was developing on his own approach to media and image making has grown in the short time he has been. Dean is using paint and dry media more effectively and has recently branched out into print making.”

Stantec Artist of the Year Award: Linda Vincent

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“Linda Vincent was born in Nova Scotia in 1953. She has lived in Alberta for the last twelve years and now lives on her own in Edmonton, enjoying her independence. Linda loves to make large, exotic animals painted in bright colours with vivid landscapes behind them. She enjoys meeting other artists at the Centre. Linda had a daughter and a son and recently she became a grandma for the fifth time.”

For more information about The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts check out their website.

Find out about new art exhibits coming up at the Nina’s Stollery Gallery here.