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On the move with PCL

Anybody who has moved can tell you that it wasn’t the highlight of his or her life. Sorting, packing, hauling. Sorting, unpacking, hauling some more. And moving for work, well that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. Fortunately this summer, Lindisfarne’s video production team got a glimpse of what PCL Construction does to make this kind of transition easier for its employees and their families. As PCL employee Scott Updegrave says, “Family comes first [with PCL].”

Shot in numerous locations across North America, including Halifax, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Seattle and Regina, this video gives PCL employees all the information they need about the company’s Relocation Program and the moving process. PCL employee Ankur Talwar says, “There’s the fear of the unknown, but PCL will help you in so many ways… Like making a trip out to your new location to go see the area.”

Cori Hildebrand, a wife of a relocated PCL employee, speaks to the effectiveness of the Relocation program: “One of the most helpful things about the program is that PCL provides a moving company to come in and pack up all your belongings and safely move them to your new location.”

PCL’s Relocation Services Manager, Hollyanne Healey, states, “Relocation can be an adventure for your family. You go many different places, see many different things, meet new and interesting people and visit all different parts of the world.”

View the video here.

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