Virtual Town Hall
EPCOR Virtual Town Hall

With continuing COVID 19 restrictions in place many companies and organizations have been forced to innovate when connecting with their employees. Recently, EPCOR asked our team at Lindisfarne Productions to help them create a series of videos for a virtual town hall; helping to keep EPCOR employees up-to-date on the latest company news.

Internal Communications is an extremely important part of today’s organizations. Ensuring effective communication among all people within an organization helps facilitate open dialogue, higher efficiency, and increased innovation. Keeping people informed of your companies goals, successes, policy changes, events etc. helps create a sense of transparency, gives employees a more holistic view of your organization, and helps keep employees calm when times are tough. Most importantly, effective internal communications can greatly increase employee satisfaction. Now, more than ever, effective internal communications strategies are needed to reach a vast majority of employees who are now working from home.

EPCOR realizes the importance of an effective internal communications strategy to keep their employees informed and engaged. By taking their regular company-wide meeting to the digital realm with a virtual town hall, EPCOR has been able to adapt to the changing times.

EPCOR provides an essential service to Albertans; managing water, wastewater, natural gas, and electricity distribution systems. Their services are especially important during a national pandemic. EPCOR’s COVID 19 response was swift and effective: implementing travel restrictions, work from home mandates, new PPE protocols, and implementing an Emergency Operations Centre. It was important for EPCOR to protect both their teams and the community at large from possible COVID 19 infection.

Communicating their COVID 19 response and protocols to all EPCOR employees was integral to ensuring uninterrupted service for all Albertans.

Lindisfarne Productions was impressed with EPCOR’s quick ability to adapt and was happy to assist in their important internal communications.

Virtual Town Hall