Fundraising Video
Cross Cancer Institute – 50th Anniversary Video

Lindisfarne Productions was honoured to team up with The Alberta Cancer Foundation to create an anniversary video celebrating the important contribution of the Cross Cancer Institute (CCI) over the last 50 years.

Anniversary Video

Over 500 patients from across Alberta walk through the doors of the Cross Cancer Institute every day, for consultation, diagnosis, and treatment including chemotherapy and radiation therapy.Anniversary Video

Over the past 50 years, the Cross Cancer Institute has proven to be a leader in cancer research, prevention, and treatment in the province. We spoke with past and present patients, staff, and physicians to hear about the impact the Cross has had on cancer care in Alberta.Anniversary Video
Dr. Anthony Fields – Former Director of the Cross Cancer Institute

Hearing the stories of the care that has been provided to Cancer patients because of the work of the Cross Cancer Institute was incredibly inspiring.

Congratulations to the Cross Cancer Institute on 50 Years of Caring, Compassion, and Innovation!