Video Concept
How To: Coming up with a Video Concept

We all know that video is a great way to connect with an audience, but coming up with a video concept that suits your organizations needs can be intimidating. Our team at Lindisfarne Productions has some quick tips to help you narrow down ideas for your next video project!

Video Concept

First and foremost, it is important to ask what the goal of your video will be. What key messages do I want to convey? Am I looking to educate or instruct my audience? Do I want to celebrate or highlight a program or individuals? Am I hoping to inform new customers of my services or new products? Am I looking to inspire my audience with a strong call to action?

Once you have an idea of what you are looking to achieve with your video concept you will have a better understanding of what style of video will suit your needs.

Another question you might ask yourself when it comes to your video is: Who is my target audience? Is it customers? Donors? What age range or demographic do they belong to? How do they consume their media?

The answers to these questions will help you decide if your video concept should be serious and straight to the point or perhaps include some humour and fun. It will also help you decide where your video will live to ensure the highest level of viewership.

Finally, it is important to ask yourself what your timeline and budget look like. If your timelines and budgets are tight, perhaps now is not the time for a script that will require a full studio shoot with large crew, professional talent, and multiple days of filming. Inevitably, more days on set also mean more days in pre- and post-production. That being said, Lindisfarne Productions has experience pulling off productions of all sizes under all kinds of budgetary and time constraints. When in doubt – give us a call and let us discuss the project and potential options with you!

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