Music Video
Lyra Brown’s A Little Vulture Told Me Music Video

The Lyra Brown “A Little Vulture Told Me” Crew!

It took a lot of talented and creative people coming together to create a music video for Edmonton artist Lyra Brown. Created through a grant from Storyhive, this meticulously choreographed video required a dedicated crew of set designers and builders, dancers, painters, lighting technicians, and many more to make it all work.

Lyra Brown’s A Little Vulture Told Me is a visual spectacle that explores the idea of loss, and how it feels to watch someone you are close to self-destruct. Ultimately, it is a reflection of how it feels to be in co-dependent relationship.

We were so happy to be able to work with Lyra and it was an honour to bring her song to life on screen. A huge thank you to Storyhive for their support, and to all of the volunteers who gave their time over the 3.5 day production!

The Lindisfarne Productions team is excited to finally be able to share the final product with you!

WIthout further ado, check out the full video here.