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Mental Health Foundation – Be a Catalyst for Change Fundraising Video

Lindisfarne Productions was once again happy to be asked to create the fundraising video for the Mental Health Foundation‘s annual Breakfast. This year’s theme was “Be a Catalyst for Change.”

fundraising video

We had the opportunity to speak to Dr. Abba-Aji from ACCESS Open Minds; Dao Haddad, Assistant Principal from Delton School; Dr. Nicholas Mitchell, and patient advocate Tim Hays about the way the  has been a catalyst for change for them in the past year.

fundraising videoDr. Abba-Aji chatting with a patient at ACCESS Open Minds

ACCESS Open Minds is a service that provides youth assistance in transitioning from childhood to adulthood in the Mental Health system. The aim of the program is to initiate mental health assessment within 72 hours of seeking help and access to specialized services within 30 days. ACCESS Open Minds is aiming to transform mental health services for youth by building on existing mental health services; offering early identification, rapid access and appropriate care, continuity of care beyond the age of 18, and youth and family engagement.

fundraising videoAll In For Youth – Delton School

All In For Youth is in it’s second year of a pilot program at Delton School. All In For Youth provides mental health supports within schools, allowing students to access these supports when needed, rather than having to wait for referrals, ensuring they can return to learning in a positive environment.

Tim Hay – Patient Advocate

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) has allowed Tim Hay to combat his anxiety and depression, and allowed him to return to daily life. Currently however, the treatment is only available at the Alberta Hospital in Ponoka, meaning patients seeking the treatment face long wait and travel times. The Mental Health Foundation has been a part of raising funds to bring more rTMS machines to Alberta and increasing access for those who could benefit from these non-invasive treatments.

Lindisfarne Productions was so impressed with the work that the Mental Health Foundation is doing with its partners to improve life for those facing mental health concerns and be a Catalyst for Change.

Check out the fundraising video below!