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Alberta Cancer Foundation – Changing the Face of Cancer Research

Over the last 20 years there have been significant advances in treatment options for Cancer patients in Alberta. Patients who wouldn’t have survived in the past are now being accessing better treatments to allow them to go on with their lives. However, these new treatments often create new complications which affect the daily lives of survivors.

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While this is the case for all cancer patients, it is specifically evident in Head and Neck Cancer patients, where treatment can often leave them without the ability to eat or speak, or with prosthetics that require ongoing maintenance. 

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The Alberta Cancer Foundation looked at the issues facing Head and Neck Cancer patients and asked “How can we bridge the gap between the issues that concern patients and the issues receiving research funding?” Their answer was to set up a priority setting initiative which would team up patients and clinicians to create a list of research topics that would reflect common concerns and goals.

ACF H&N 3 - 604x339“We don’t just want patients to be a token part of setting priorities. We want patients and researchers and clinicians to be on equal footing.” (Myka Osingchuk – CEO of the Alberta Cancer Foundation)

This innovative approach allowed patients, clinicians, and researchers to all have their say, re-address their ideas about research priorities, and foster communication between the groups as they work towards improving the lives of Albertans facing cancer.

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Our Lindisfarne video production team was honoured to create a awareness video for this priority setting initiative and speak to both patients and clinicians to learn more about this innovative process.

For more information about the Alberta Cancer Foundation and the Priority setting initiative please check out their website.

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