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Alberta Cancer Foundation – Faisel’s Story

Over the years Lindisfarne Productions has had the opportunity to hear the stories of many people who have been affected by cancer and the impact The Alberta Cancer Foundation has had on helping to create more moments for families.

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Last fall we had the chance to hear the story of Faisel Shariff.

Faisel was first diagnosed with cancer in 2009 at the age of 29; Ewings Sarcoma, a childhood cancer that also affected Terry Fox. Faisel had his right leg amputated and went through a year of aggressive chemo. Two years later, a soft-tissue tumour was discovered close to his sternum. Again, Faisel underwent chemo, radiation, and an intensive surgery to remove the tumour.

Already an active supporter and fundraiser for the Alberta Cancer Foundation, Faisel’s diagnoses gave new meaning to his and his family’s determination to give back; supporting the Cross Cancer Institute  Golf Classic, being a part of the Cash & Cars Lottery, raising over $425,000 for pediatric cancer and approximately $1 million for the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Faisel was also committed to living life to the fullest. In 2014 he met Aliya. Within a short time they were married and overjoyed to discover they were expecting. Unfortunately the happy news was contrasted by the unhappy reality that Faisel’s body was getting weaker and on March 21, 2018 Faisel passed away, leaving behind Aliya and their 5 week old son Rumi.

Patient Profile Video
We spoke to Aliya and Faisel’s mother, Samira, about the loss of Faisel and the enormous impact he had on all who knew him. Through their loss they are committed to continuing Faisel’s legacy: sharing his inspiring story and continuing to support the important work of the Alberta Cancer Foundation.

Patient Profile Video
We were moved and inspired to share in Faisel’s story and help create awareness of the need to support continued funding for cancer research, treatment, and care.

Hear the inspiring story for yourself by watching the video here: