Corporate Video
Arrow Engineering

This past summer the Lindisfarne video team had the opportunity to create a series of videos for Arrow Engineering highlighting client satisfaction and continuous improvements. We spoke to clients and employees to find out how Arrow is doing things differently and ensuring their clients receive the very best from their team.

In hearing from Arrow clients and staff, it was obvious that Arrow excels at what they do. And yet, Arrow still  takes time each week during the “Arrow Improvement Hour” to bring staff together and continually improve their processes to serve their clients better.

“Improvement does not happen in a silo,” says Manager of Marketing and Communications, Leanne Wierenga. By taking the time to share innovative ideas between staff members, Arrow continues to ensure they are able to provide the most efficient and valuable service possible.

Longtime client Rob Nesplilak, President of ICON Industrial Contractors, confirmed the value of Arrow’s services and the ease of collaboration with the Arrow team:

“Many of our projects are done on handshake… Quite honestly, that’s something that’s starting to disappear in our industry; is the ability to work on a handshake, and we’ve had that relationship with Arrow and it’s been fantastic.”

We learned a lot from Arrow Engineering‘s innovative approach to management and service and were happy we could be a small part of spreading the word!