Alberta Event Video Production
Celebrating CPA Alberta Volunteers

This past spring Lindisfarne Productions worked with CPA Alberta to create a volunteer appreciation video for their annual Elevate awards, celebrating the hard work of CPA Volunteers.

This video highlighted three CPA volunteers in Alberta.

In 2019 CPA Alberta teamed up with 135 partner organizations and 527 CPA volunteers to file 4000 tax returns for those in need.

Barb Eglauer – Greater Edmonton Foundation Housing

Barb Eglauer, a CPA in Edmonton, spoke to our Lindisfarne crew about her work at various tax clinics in the city. She let us tag along in her work at Greater Edmonton Foundation Housing (GEF). Elizabeth Wright from GEF told us that transportation and family support can be difficult for their seniors. Having CPA volunteers come to their facility to help with tax returns is a huge benefit.

Volunteer Video
“I get enjoyment out of spending time with these seniors… it makes me feel good.”
~Barb Eglaur

During CPA Volunteer Days and Financial Literacy Month 143 CPAs volunteered their services with 16 organizations.

Jolie Viguers – Calgary Meals on Wheels

We spoke to Jolie Viguers, a CPA in Calgary, about her volunteer work with Calgary Meals on Wheels. Desiree Naylor from Calgary Meals on Wheels spoke to the importance of volunteers to their organizations. “There’s no way we’d be able to provide 3000 meals without those volunteers.”

Volunteer Video
“The impact that I can see directly with the people I’m helping makes all the difference”
~Jolie Viguers

Simon Leung – CUPS Calgary

Simon Leung, a CPA in Calgary, started working with Calgary Urban Projects Society (CUPS) through the CPA volunteer program. Since then, Simon has continued to volunteer his time. Patricia Bailey from CUPS Calgary told us, “Our CPA volunteers have been compassionate, kind, and patient… we’ve just been really proud to partner with CPA.”

Volunteer Video
“I learn more than I contribute, and it keeps me coming back to volunteer.”
~Simon Leung

It was awesome to see and highlight all of the contributions CPAs in Alberta are making to their communities!

Watch the full volunteer appreciation video here.