Corporate Video
How to: Creating a Compelling Corporate Video

There are several different types of Corporate Video: each have their own style, methods of distribution, and overall goals. Lindisfarne Productions wants to help you decide which Corporate Video style is right for you.

Company Profile Corporate Video

A company profile video is a great way to introduce your company to potential customers. Company profile videos provide an overview of your company’s services and products, and may include information about your company’s history and purpose. These short videos can help people understand and engage with your company.

Promotional Video

Promotional style videos help showcase a particular product or service. These videos can help increase customer awareness, promote brand recognition and familiarity, and are great for new product launches.

Industrial Video

Industrial videos are often used at trade shows. They are designed to highlight products and services and targeted for business to business marketing, investor involvement, or fundraising.

Social Media Video

Social Media videos are short, punchy, emotive videos that quickly catch a viewer’s attention and ideally encourages them to share the video. The most important thing is to highlight the brand more than the product or service. Social media videos can often be more purposely targeted by using online algorithms.

Branding Corporate Video

Increasing brand awareness doesn’t just attract new customers, it also increases customer loyalty. Successful branding videos feature consistent colours, fonts, and design, as well as strong visual themes. Branding videos tell your customers what your company is about and ensures brand recognition when out in the marketplace.

Testimonial Video

Testimonial videos are a great way to connect with potential customers. Featuring someone who has already used your products or services help build trust and familiarity.

Recruitment Video

Recruitment videos are a great way to attract potential employees. Recruitment videos highlight a company’s culture and operations, giving the impression that your company is running successfully and is a great place to work.

Internal Communication Video

Using video for communications within your company is a great way to explain company policies, assist in orienting/introducing new employees, or highlight new initiatives, achievements and milestones. Internal Communication videos help ensure all employees and stakeholders are up to date regarding your company.

Conference/Event Corporate Video

Conference/Event Videos are filmed onsite at conferences and events; company-held or otherwise. Filming your event can help retain that information for future viewing, allows for remote attendance, and can include extended content that may not have been available at the conference/event itself.

Social Responsibility Video

Social Responsibility videos are a great way to attract new customers by communicating what your business is doing to give back to your community. Videos that highlight an organization’s social responsibility are becoming an increasingly popular way to communicate a company’s vision and heart.

Lindisfarne Productions has years of experience creating compelling corporate video for a variety of different clients. We are happy to work with your team to come up with the best video for your audience, platform/event, and message.

You can view some samples of our corporate video work here.