original documentary
Beyond Curls & Kinks

Lindisfarne Productions had the opportunity to work with Osas Eweka-Smith on a corporate video production several years ago. When the opportunity came to work with her once again on an original documentary about natural afro-textured hair we jumped at the chance!

Osas Eweka-Smith is the founder of the Edmonton Natural Hair Show: an event that brings together presenters, vendors, and members of the community to talk about natural afro-textured hair. Osas moved to Halifax from Nigeria as young girl. Coming from a place where her natural hair was celebrated to a country where western beauty standards of straight hair were the norm, Osas faced mixed feelings about her hair. As she got older she learned to re-embrace her curls and kinks and was determined to help others celebrate their natural hair.

Beyond Curls & Kinks is an original documentary that follows Osas’ journey to find acceptance and celebration of her natural hair. It also explores the larger issues regarding society’s perception of natural and afro-textured hair and how those perceptions have helped shape and often damage women’s relationship with their natural hair. The documentary was funded with the support of Telus Storyhive which allows filmmakers the opportunity to produce passion projects like Beyond Curls and Kinks.

Our team spoke with women from Edmonton, Toronto, and Halifax about their own relationships with their hair, how society’s perceptions of natural afro-textured hair have been influenced historically, and what the future looks like for women looking to embrace their natural curls and kinks.

It was such an honour for our team to be a part of this important project. We learned so much from each and every participant and were delighted to work with Osas in creating a project that matched her vision.

You can view the Storyhive pitch for Beyond Curls and Kinks here.