anniversary video
Changing the face of cancer - Cross Cancer Institute Golf Classic 25th Anniversary Video
Lindisfarne Productions video team had the honour of producing the anniversary video for the 25th Anniversary of The Cross Cancer Institute's Golf Classic!
On the move with the PCL Construction Relocation Program
Anybody who has moved can tell you that it wasn’t the highlight of his or her life. Sorting, packing, hauling. Sorting, unpacking, hauling some more. And moving for work, well that’s a whole ‘nother ballgame. Fortunately this summer, Lindisfarne got a glimpse of what PCL Construction does to make this kind of transition easier for its employees and their families. As PCL employee Scott Updegrave says, “Family comes first [with PCL].”
Edmonton Corporate Video Production
Fresh faces? Fresh ideas! - Creative video production for the ICAA
Lindisfarne’s office was transformed into an entertainment zone for several unstoppable, well-dressed 4-10 year olds. Why did we have children running around in suits and shoulder pads, you ask? Isn’t it obvious?