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United Way – Mental Health Campaign Video

The holidays are a time for family, friends, fresh starts and new resolutions. Unfortunately, for those with anxiety and depression, the holidays can also bring about even more stress. This year our Lindisfarne video production team had the opportunity to work with the good people at the United Way Capital Region to create an important campaign video that highlights the need of Mental Health and mental wellness supports, not just during the holidays, but all year round.

campaign video

“Mental Health problems can affect how you act, how you think how you feel, so dealing with stress can be more difficult, relating to other people sometimes can be more difficult. If they don’t get connected to services and resources this is where problems can get bigger and bigger and can spiral into something more severe.” By supporting mental health initiatives, we can help provide ways for those affected by mental health problems to find a way out.

campaign video

As part of its mandate, the United Way Edmonton Capital Region is committed to investing in short and long-term counselling as well as other programs and initiatives that  help to decrease barriers to community-based mental health supports – providing various community education programs to reduce stigma.

campaign video

“Mental Health supports is a priority for the United Way because mental illness is treatable and if people get early intervention and into treatment, they function very well.” By supporting Mental Health initiatives, The United Way Capital Region continues to fight one of the may causes of continued poverty in the community.

For more information about the United Way and its initiatives, or to donate to the cause please visit the United Way Capital Region website.

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