PolicyWise for Children & Families

PolicyWise for Children and Families enlisted the team at Lindisfarne Productions to create a new advocacy video. This video would highlight their new initiative based on the UN Canadian Index for Child and Youth Well-being.

advocacy video

PolicyWise (formerly the Alberta Centre for Child, Family and Community Research) exists to improve child wellbeing. PolicyWise does so by conducting, funding and mobilizing research for evidence-informed policy and practice.

“Since 2003, PolicyWise has been working with governments and social sector organizations serving children, youth and families. PolicyWise develops custom approaches to help clients gain knowledge, evaluate programs and services, and manage data.”

The UN Canadian Index for Child and Youth Well-being was created to form an understanding of what it is like for children under the age of 18 in Canada. Looking at things like where we stand, and areas where further work and supports are still needed.

The Index is a framework to:

  • “communicate to Canadians what Canada is like for kids from birth to age 18”
  • “track progress for their rights and well-being.”
  • “guide action to address the greatest challenges.”

advocacy video

In conjunction with the UN Index, PolicyWise is working to create their own index based on Alberta data. The PolicyWise Index will aim to help inform the future research, funding, and supports for children and youth in the province.

advocacy video

Lindisfarne was proud to create this advocacy video and be a part of this worthwhile project!