Our Process

Your story. Our video production expertise. While the sequence of steps in production remain constant, the actual process and outcome for each client and project is created specifically for your program’s purpose. The objective is to share your unique story in a manner that strengthens your relationship with the target audience.

Our production process involves conversation and collaboration.

First we listen, then we propose …


In the beginning of our relationship and the planning phase of production process, we have as many questions as answers.

We need to know:

  • What the video is to achieve
  • The target audiences
  • What messages are to be shared

And then, based on what you’ve shared with us, we’ll propose the most effective way to engage and retain the interest of the audience.

Concept Development/Style

Tell us:

  • How you want the video to “look”
  • If humor/dramatic elements are appropriate
  • If you want professional talent
  • What resources may be available from your organization

We can suggest:

  • Strategies for keeping costs down
  • Various levels of animation and graphics
  • Use of your own in-house talent or hired talent depending on need and budget


The cost of a video varies with the requirements of the purchaser. Cost is always the purchaser’s prerogative and is dependent upon the eventual use of the product and desired perception by those who view the product.

Cost of production services can also vary by:

  • Number of shooting/editing days allotted
  • Number of locations/travel costs
  • Sophistication of animation and effects
  • Number of on-camera talent necessary


  • Schedules are determined by budget
  • Equipment/personnel needs vary from day to day
  • Responsibility for scheduling is one of the services we offer


Effective scheduling keeps production costs down so that there are never more people than necessary involved on a camera day.

Where non-professionals speaking on camera are involved we provide professional coaching on location at no cost as part of our production package. We aim to put non-professionals at ease and increase competence and confidence.

Where involved in producing dramatic scenes, all necessary make-up, wardrobe, props, and talent contracts are provided. A client representative should always be on set to provide subject matter expertise.

We review all footage on site so that all required shots are complete before moving on to the next location.


Raw footage, sound, music and editing effects are edited to provide a ‘rough’ cut for client review.

Revisions are made in accordance with client requests and a ‘fine’ cut is submitted for approval before the final Master Edit is completed.

Upon client acceptance of the product, final files can be delivered in any format using your preferred delivery method. Duplication services can be provided if required, as well as cover art and design for DVD packaging.

All footage is appropriately logged and stored for multi-purpose use in the future.