Edmonton Showhome Video Production
Got homebuilding questions? Bedrock Homes has the answers!

Bedrock Initiative

Buying, building and owning a home are all huge undertakings – it’s exciting, overwhelming, requires a lot of patience and raises a lot of questions. That’s why Bedrock Homes introduced its initiative, and asked our Edmonton-based video production team to help spread the word!

Bedrock Homes recently launched its website—a place new buyers, homeowners and those building homes can go to ask experts any questions they’d like about their houses.

Lindisfarne’s corporate video production team created nine videos that address some of Bedrock Homes’ frequently asked questions about buying, building and owning a home. Hosted by Dee Tran, Bedrock’s marketing manager (and a natural in front of the camera!), these videos interview experts about the most important questions you want answered— everything from what layout to choose to construction specifics.

Bedrock Homes has got you covered!

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