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BREAK THE SILENCE – Métis Elder Abuse Awareness Program
Elder Abuse is any action or inaction that endangers the health of an older adult. Often, this abuse occurs between people in close relationships, such as family members.  This abuse can be divided into six categories: physical, neglect, emotional, financial, sexual, and medicinal. “Financial abuse is probably the number one highest, and it’s a very silent type of abuse. It doesn’t discriminate against anybody. It’s urban, rural, any race, any town, any place,” says Marilyn Lizee, who is the Program Coordinator at Métis Local 1990. Lizee and Métis Local 1990 of Grande Prairie have been working to raise awareness and provide support for those affected by this abuse in Métis communities across the province. “I was very embarrassed. I didn’t want the community to know all about this. I don’t go around talking about what they [my children] do to me. Towards the end I was beginning to wonder…I didn’t raise my kids up like this.” – MétisElder Abuse SurvivorMetis Elder pic 001Our Edmonton video production team met with Constable Chris Landry of the Grande Prairie RCMP to find out what to do if you, or someone you know is being abused. “If you’re being abused, the first thing is to talk to someone about it. Whether that be with a police officer that you confide in, or whether that be your sister, brother, a really good friend. It’s really important to talk with somebody about it first, because it will eat away at you.” “I’ve got a while yet to go. I have a lot of healing yet to do. What have I learned? To speak up and be proud. I’m living for me now. No one else.” – Métis Elder Abuse Survivor

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If you, or someone you know is being abused, call the police or call the provincial Family Violence Information Line toll free @ 310 – 1818 for resource information in your area.

The full video can be viewed here.