Edmonton FNMI Video Production
"Sharing Our Culture" Powwow
On a beautiful September day in Calgary’s Heritage Park, we gathered beautiful shots of Calgary’s “Sharing Our Culture” Powwow for Alberta Tourism, Parks and Recreation...
Edmonton Showhome Video Production
Got homebuilding questions? Bedrock Homes has the answers!
Buying, building and owning a home are all huge undertakings – it’s exciting, overwhelming, requires a lot of patience and raises a lot of questions. That’s why Bedrock Homes introduced its initiative, and asked Lindisfarne to help spread the word!
Edmonton FNMI Video Production
Breaking Barriers with the IEC
Finding common ground with the people around you— despite your differences— is a life skill that many people strive to master. Understanding barriers, whether they be stereotypes or financial hardships, being culturally competent, and learning how to work well with others are not only important in life, but are some of the key goals of The Indigenous Employment Coalition (IEC).