Edmonton Corporate & Promotional Video Production
PCL Industrial Timelapse

This December the Lindisfarne’s video production team spent some time up north on-location with PCL Industrial creating and Industrial Video and time lapse .  Some of the footage for this project has been in the making for a while, as the team has had a remotely monitored time lapse set up for eight months to document development.  The site, located north of Fort McMurray, has expanded tremendously over that time, and the progress can be seen clearly in the footage.  The speed of this expansion can be greatly attributed to the introduction of PCL’s Engineered Module Lift Frame (EMLF).

PCL 001

Between 2009 and 2012, PCL engineered, designed and fabricated the EMLF, an innovative new method of rigging and moving modules on-site.  It’s faster, safer and far more cost effective than previous methods. The benefits of this type of innovation? According to PCL Vice President and General Manager, Travis Chorney, the EMLF allows for less exposure, less risk to workers, increased productivity and better cost in-schedule.  All because of one piece of equipment.

When the EMLF was introduced to the project, rigging reconfiguration time was reduced, in some cases, by 90%.  Prior to using EMLF, it took at least eight hours to relocate a module—now the same task can be completed within an hour, which means great things for project productivity and expansion. Manager of Construction Engineering, Rick Hermann, says, “We do two to three, we’ve even done four modules in one day. It frees up a lot of work fronts for the other people to do their work and just makes the project execution a lot better.”

PCL 002

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