Edmonton Alberta Corporate & Promotional Video Production
Providence Grain Solutions

The business of farming is an important cornerstone of Alberta’s economy and legacy. This past fall our Edmonton video production crew put on their overalls and went out into the field to speak to Providence Grain about their approach to being a full service AgSolutions provider.

Providence Grain 003

From crop-input to harvest to delivery to end users in Canada and overseas, Providence Grain Solutions assists farmers every step of the way. Our team rode along with the combines as Providence’s local shareholders reaped their harvests.  We followed the crops to Providence Grain’s biggest facility at Fort Saskatchewan, where we had the opportunity to capture stunning aerial drone footage of the massive grain storage bins. From there, we followed trains from the facility to Vancouver where the grain was readied for delivery to end-users overseas.

It’s clear that this “Locally Grown – Globally Connected” company has strong ties to its Alberta producers and Lindisfarne was happy to learn a little more about the journey of Alberta’s crops – from field to table.

Providence Grain 004

Check out the full video here.