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Volunteer Alberta – Creating People Power

Volunteer Alberta’s mission is to empower Alberta’s nonprofit sector organizations through knowledge exchange and strategic connection.

Volunteer Alberta has teamed up with Creating People Power in the Mentor Coach Program which aims to partner leaders from both the Corporate and the Non-Profit sector to promote peer mentoring, networking, and develop leadership best practices and strategies. Volunteer Alberta asked our production team to create a video that would show all that the program has to offer.

blog stills 1 - 604x339Lindisfarne Productions sat down with Sue McCoy from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation, and Hubert Buckle from Scott Builders in Edmonton to find out more about what they learned from both the program and each other.

blog stills 2 - 604x339“I was having some issues with accountability, measurement, the metrics that I needed to have and I just wasn’t sure how to get there, and through the coaching [Hubert was] able to bring it out within me…Linking the two [sectors] I think are so important, because there are so many strengths that the not-for-profit has versus the for-profit, and then vice versa… I cannot believe what that can bring out in people” ~ Sue McCoy

blog stills 4 - 604x339“When I heard about the program it presented an opportunity for me to give back to the community. When you find a solution where you can learn and give back at the same time its a win win”~ Hubert Buckle

To learn more about Volunteer Alberta and the Creating People Power Program please visit the website.