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Winnifred Stewart Association – Mindful Hearts

It’s no secret that none of us is getting any younger. With an aging population come many unique challenges associated with memory loss and other forms of cognitive deterioration and questions of how these individuals will be cared for in our community. For individuals with developmental disabilities, who are more susceptible to various forms of dementia, memory loss and aging can be all the more confusing and special techniques in care-giving are even more necessary. The Winnifred Stewart Association asked our Lindisfarne crew to create a video that would showcase techniques developed to effectively support these individuals.

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Since its establishment in 1953, the Winnifred Stewart Association has provided resources and support for individuals with disabilities, in order to help them lead fulfilling lives. As they continue to strive to find the most effective ways to provide that support they have developed what is called the “Mindful Hearts” technique. This technique has proven extremely effective not only for those with developmental disabilities, but all those suffering from various forms of Dementia.

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Rather than implementing standard, cookie-cutter care to all individuals, the Mindful Hearts approach focuses on customizing care to each unique individual and their needs, all the while affirming the individuals fears and concerns in a calm and patient manner. The Mindful Hearts approach aims to provide individuals with a continuity of care that will allow them to live comfortably in a place they can call home. During production our team had the opportunity to see just how effective the Mindful Hearts approach as been in treating and transforming the individuals supported by The Winnifred Stewart Association.

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For more information regarding the Winnifred Stewart Association and the Mindful Hearts approach you can check out their website here.

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