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WORK HARD, PLAY HARD – Bust a Move 2015

It’s hard to believe that it’s officially our 4TH year with Bust A Move (BAM)– the Alberta Cancer Foundation’s annual fundraiser for breast health. March was a fun month here for our Lindisfarne BAM crew – putting together sponsor videos and graphics for the big day. Not surprisingly, this year was another incredibly successful year for the BAM community.

The idea for the fundraiser is brilliant: it’s positive, it’s enlightening and most importantly, it’s fun.  Hundreds of participants gather together, decked out in tutus, coconut bras, tight-and-bright spandex and pretty much any other crazy costume you can imagine.  Collectively, fundraisers exercise for 6 hours straight doing high intensity interval workouts, yoga, Zumba, Barre fitness, Kickboxing and Spri sessions. Although it sounds grueling, the energy in the room cannot be described until you experience it yourself. It really is amazing to number of participants in one area- especially knowing that each team needs to fundraise an average of $1,000 per person (or $500 for students).  This year, Bust a Move hit it’s record fundraising goal of $435,000.

BAM photo 3- 604-339

Some of the awesome participants at the BAM 2015 event in Edmonton!

Our team loves being a part of this event.  For the month or so before the big day- we get the pleasure of visiting the sponsors and we help them create entertaining, creative or meaningful videos to play on the event day. All of the BAM sponsors are a blast to work with and we always look forward to the new videos to come out. Want to see our sponsor video? Click here. We had so much fun with it this year!

On a more serious note, one of the videos we created this year was a new survivor video with an incredible woman, Tracy Carroll, who is not only a participant, speaker and major ambassador for Bust a Move, she is also a breast cancer survivor herself. In our interview with her last month she shared with us her thoughts on the importance of fundraisers like BAM. “We have a long way to go still, so I hope we can keep going, and keep [doctors] busy with [their] research, and hopefully we can get further every time, with every event.  So, we don’t have to do the event anymore. One day… we’ll get there.”

BAM photo 2- 604-339

Congratulations to the Alberta Cancer Foundation for another successful year! Click here to check out our highlights from this year’s event and, just so you know… You can already register for 2016!