promotional videos
AGLC – Best Bar None Promotional Videos

Recently, Alberta Liquor Gaming & Cannabis (AGLC) reached out to Lindisfarne to produce two creative promotional videos for their Best Bar None program.

Best Bar None is an accreditation program for bars and restaurants in Alberta. By becoming accredited these businesses have access to training resources, industry news, and specialized programs. The program also helps foster partnership with AGLC and other local partners such as emergency services and Alberta Health. Best Bar None is an innovative way to increase accountability, communication, and recognition for accredited bars and restaurants.

promotional videos

Customers coming to Best Bar None (BBN) accredited establishments in Alberta can be assured that they are in a business that meets high standards of training, service, and safety. Accredited establishments have taken the initiative to access resources and ensure their staff are up to date on all provincial regulations.

One great resource for customers is the Best Bar Finder, an online directory that searches for Best Bar None accredited establishments in Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie, Lethbridge, and Banff.

We brought on some talented actors to help us promote the program and pass along valuable information on the accreditation process.

We had a great time stretching our creativity and producing these informative and fun promotional videos. We enjoyed working with the team at Alberta Liquor Gaming and Cannabis and learning about new innovative programs in Alberta.

Check out one of these fun promotional videos for yourself below!