Corporate Branding Video
IRISNDT – Corporate Branding Video

Recently the expert team at IRISNDT asked Lindisfarne to create a corporate branding video to provide an overview of their extensive services.

IRISNDT operations are located in Alberta and Internationally in Australia and the United Kingdom. IRISNDT provides a number of different services to Fabricators and Manufacturers, Refineries, Petrochemical Plants, Pipelines, and other similar industries. From management to technical skills, IRISNDT has a high commitment to customer service.

Corporate Branding Video

Our team learned all about NDT (Non-destructive testing). It was impressive to see the equipment and technology required to ensure industrial structures and equipment are properly maintained. Keeping equipment and structures in good working order is imperative to ensuring employees are safe, and operations do not experience unnecessary interruptions.

Corporate Branding Video

Lindisfarne had the opportunity to visit the IRISNDT labs and training facilities here in Edmonton. It takes a strong and diverse team of individuals to conduct inspection and engineering services. The team is also responsible for continuously developing and improving software and IT services.

One of the most interesting and unique aspects of IRISNDT is their offering of Rope Access services. We sat in on a training session for future Rope Access technicians. It was impressive to see how they work! Rope Access allows IRISNDT an advantage: the ability to access areas where scaffolding would traditionally be required. This means IRISNDT is able to provide their services in less time, with less equipment and manpower. If you’re okay with heights this is a job for you!

Our crew learned a lot from the IRISNDT team. We were happy to create a corporate branding video that showcases all of their services in Canada and beyond.

You can watch the full video below: