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Lois Hole Harvest Celebration 2017 – Cause Video

5 years ago, Lindisfarne Productions was asked to create its first case-for-support/ cause video for the Lois Hole Hospital for Women’s annual Harvest Celebration, this year marked our 5 year anniversary of being a part of this wonderful event.

This year, the Harvest Celebration focused on not one, but two worthy causes: A dedicated Outpatient operating room and Pregnancy Pathways.

Dedicated Outpatient Operating Room

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A new dedicated outpatient surgical suite at the Lois Hole Hospital for women will create  much needed space for surgeries and procedures that are an absolute necessity, but not an emergency. The space will not only mean faster access and expedited care for outpatient procedures, but will free up current surgical suites for minimally invasive surgery and more urgent procedures.

“Having the dedicated outpatient operating room, we can expect to be able to help over a thousand patients get their procedure in a more timely manner… they will recover much quicker and be back to their families and their lives.” Gloria Rakowski – Patient Care Manager, Women’s O.R. & Gynecology

Pregnancy Pathways

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“I was scared to access services…when you don’t have an address to put down… you know it’s going to raise a red flag.” Melissa Nakoochee

Pregnancy Pathways is a partnership with 25 Edmonton organizations ranging from acute health care, addictions, and mental health support to government and non-profit organizations. The program will aim to address the needs of the nearly 100 homeless, pregnant, and parenting women in Edmonton who are in need of supports annually.

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By providing affordable housing and wrap-around support services, Pregnancy Pathways aims to reduce the number of pregnant/parenting homeless women from 100 to none.

cause video

Find out more about Pregnancy Pathways here.

View the 2017 cause video here

The next Lois Hole Hospital for Women Harvest Celebration  will take place on Saturday, September 15th, 2018. Save the Date!