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United Way Capital Region – It Looks Like Me Fundraising Campaign Video

This year we had the opportunity to create a fundraising campaign video for the “It Looks Like Me” campaign by the United Way Capital Region. The fundraising campaign video gives a face to the many people who benefit from the great work being done by the United Way Capital Region in the community.

We followed Sarah, Danny, and Elizabeth as they explained the difference the work of the United Way Capital region has made in their lives:

fundraising campaign videoSarah did not have a positive childhood. By the age of six she was removed from her parents’ care and bounced from foster home to foster home until finally running away and finding herself homeless. She resorted to the use of drugs until finally finding herself pregnant. She decided she needed to turn her life around for her unborn son, and sought the support of the Terra Centre. She finished her schooling at Braemar School and now attends Grant MacEwan for Social Work. Because of the support of the United Way Capital Region and its many partner organizations Sarah was able to find a place to live, continue her schooling, and create a positive environment for her son Samuel to grow and thrive.


fundraising campaign video
Danny and his brother left home at a young age. Unfortunately, this also meant they were not given the opportunity to finish their schooling, and more importantly, learn how to read and write. For many years Danny was able to get by and carve a life for himself doing various trades and odd jobs. But finally, his inability to read and write caught up with him. His wife suggested he attend Project Adult Literacy Society (P.A.L.S.). Now Danny can read and write, and he is passing on his knowledge to other adult learners.


fundraising campaign video
Elizabeth was sexually assaulted in 2012. The violent attack left her with post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and a fear of leaving her house. It was with the help of one-on-one and group counselling sessions at the Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton that she was finally able to find the strength to share her stories with others. Because of funding from the United Way, Elizabeth was able to access the Sexual Assault Centre’s services free of charge, which helped to lessen the impact of the many therapy sessions on Elizabeth’s daily life. Now, Elizabeth is a Community Impact Speaker for the United Way; traveling to organizations and groups to share her story and show the impact of United Way supports.

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