Government video production
alis Occupation Profile Videos 2018

In late 2018, Lindisfarne was once again asked to produce 8 occupation profile videos for the Government of Alberta’s alis website.

government occupation profile videos
Kent Rupert – Economic Development Officer – City of Airdrie

For many years the alis website has been one of the Government of Alberta’s most well-used resources. The website provides information such as educational requirements, salary ranges, and working conditions of various occupations in Alberta. This information is extremely valuable for high school students looking to enter post-secondary, newcomers to Alberta, and individuals looking for a career change.

government occupation profile videos
Nicole Gartner – Infection Control Professional

This past year we had the opportunity to highlight a Sandblaster, Cloud Architect, Economic Development Officer, Construction Craft Labourer, Animal Care Attendant, Infection Control Professional, Accommodations Manager, and Health Coach in Alberta.

government occupation profile videos
Dustin O’Rourke – Sandblaster – Norpoint Sandblasting

government occupation profile videos
Jenna Linton – Animal Care Attendant – Little Paws Inn

We worked with awesome professional organizations and individuals across the province who generously gave of their time and expertise to provide a “day in the life” view of their chosen occupation. Their passion for the job and excitement in sharing that passion was contagious!

We love that our job give us the opportunity to meet so many great people from all over the province and learn a little bit about what makes them tick!