Lube City – Commercial Series

Our Lindisfarne crew was super excited when the team over at Lube City Express Oil Change brought us on to create the videos for their newest commercial series.

Lube City began in 1990 with two stores in Regina and Saskatoon. Soon after, 2 more stores were added in Edmonton in 1992. Since then, Lube City Express Oil Change has expanded to 28 locations and approximately 200 employees in Alberta -with the head office in Edmonton. Some of the services at Lube City include: oil and fluid changes; filter changes; body, battery, tire, and leak checks; and window washing and engine flush services.

Our writing team had a great time coming up with several creative concepts for the Lube City team to choose from. Ultimately we were excited that the team allowed us to flex our creative muscles and was open to something fun and a little different!

commercial series

We brought in fantastic Edmonton-based talent, Donovan Workun, to host the commercials. He always brings creative ideas, a great attitude, fresh takes and lots of laughs. Our team was glad to get the chance to work with him again.

Additional local talent was brought in to support Donovan in each sequence. And if you look closely, you may spot one of our own Lindisfarne crew as a background actor!

commercial series

Our crew also got the opportunity to work with actual Lube City employees to play talent for the day. They walked us through all of the services provided by Lube City locations. Having real staff featured helped to provide authenticity and realism and to balance the playful nature of Donovan’s hosting.

Our crew had a great time making these commercials for Lube City. We hope viewers have as much fun watching them as we had making them!

The full versions of this commercial series can be viewed here and below.

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