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alis Occupation Videos – 2022 edition

In 2022, Lindisfarne Productions had the opportunity to produce new occupation videos for the Government of Alberta alis initiative.

For years, the website has been assisting Albertans in finding careers that suit their skills, personalities, and life goals. They do so by offering practical information and occupation videos for over 575 occupations. Each occupational profile provides information like educational requirements, salary ranges, day to day duties, responsibilities, and working conditions.

For this year’s occupation videos we filmed across the province. Every year we get to speak to unique and interesting Albertans and learn about exciting and innovative careers. This year was no different!

Some of the occupations we covered this year include:

Curator Occupational Video

Curators acquire, document, study, interpret, maintain and provide access to collections of artifacts (products of human hands), specimens (natural history items) or cultural heritage items or practices (traditional practices, crafts, language, dance).

occupation video

Firefighter Occupational Video

Firefighters protect the public from the dangers of fire and other hazards by controlling and putting out fires. They also provide pre-hospital care after rescuing people, respond to dangerous goods incidents, maintain equipment, practice fire prevention and provide emergency paramedical services.

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Chef Occupational Video

Chefs are managers who plan, direct and participate in food preparation and cooking activities in restaurants, hotels, institutions and other food establishments.

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Blaster Occupational Video

Blasters break up rock and demolish structures by placing and detonating explosives. In general, blasters employed in the oil and gas, mining, quarrying or construction industries.

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Emergency Medical Personnel Occupational Video

Emergency medical personnel provide pre-hospital emergency medical care to the sick and injured.

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Operations Research Analyst Occupational Video

Operations research analysts use mathematical modelling and information technology to develop decision support systems for decision-makers in public and private organizations. Operations research analysis can be applied to a wide variety of management problems.

occupation video