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alis occupational videos – 2020 Edition

In 2020, Lindisfarne Productions had the opportunity to produce new occupational videos for the Government of Alberta alis initiative.

For years, the website has been assisting Albertans in finding careers that suit their skills, personalities, and life goals by offering practical information on over 550 occupations. Each occupational profile provides information like educational requirements, salary ranges, day to day duties, responsibilities, and working conditions.

For this year’s videos we filmed in Calgary and Edmonton. Every year we get to speak to unique and interesting Albertans and learn about exciting and innovative careers. This year was no difference!

Some of the occupations we covered this year include:

Baker Occupational Video

We spoke with Siebe Koopman of Dutch Delicious Bakery in Edmonton. Our crew even had the chance to sample some of his delicious creations!

Alternative Energy Technologist Occupational Video

Alternative Energy Technologists design, plan and manage alternative energy systems. This includes solar, wind, hydro, or bioenergy systems. We spoke with Azfer Asaria to see what this career is all about!

occupational videos

Carpenter Occupational Video

Carpenters construct, erect, and repair buildings and other structures. We spoke to Luke Johansson, a third generation Carpenter in Alberta, about this satisfying career.

Welder Occupational Video

Our team spoke with Kimberly McLean, a welder in Edmonton about what it takes to be a successful welder.

occupational videos

Glazier Occupational Video

Glaziers cut and install glass and aluminum systems for commercial and residential structures. Regan Hoet walked us through this delicate career.

occupational videos

Heavy Equipment Technician Occupational Video

Ever wondered who works on those massive machines you see on industrial sites? We spoke to Ethan Ohlmann about his lifelong passion for working with heavy equipment.

occupational videos

Scaffold Erector Occupational Video

Scaffolds are necessary for most construction and industrial sites in Alberta. All those scaffolds require Scaffold Erectors! We spoke to Mike Osborne about all of the different areas a Scaffold Erector might work.

occupational videos