CPA “Have You Ever” Video series

Earlier this year, Lindisfarne Productions had the opportunity to create a fun “game show” style video series for the creative team at CPA Alberta. Together, we storyboarded and planned 9 videos that would use real Chartered Professional Accountants to inform and engage the audience. Each of these 9 videos would feature a new take on the “Never Have I Ever” game.

For the series, we interrogated CPAs from across the province about their roles and responsibilities. This engaging and fun concept aimed to help break down various stereotypes audiences may have about accounting as a profession.

Video Series

Filming for the video series took place in studios in both Calgary and Edmonton to allow more CPAs to take part. It was important that the look of the video help to create a “game show”- like vibe; to engage and inform the audience, and ensure continuity across the series. Our crew had fun flexing our creative skills by building graphics (and props!) for the videos, always ensuring our vision was in alignment with CPA’s logo and branding guidelines.

Video Series

It was important for all of these short videos to appeal across a diverse audience of CPA members, students, and the general public. We asked CPAs important and fun questions about what they do in their everyday work. The final videos were informative while really allowed each CPA’s personality to shine through. You really should see the blooper reel!

As always, it was a great experience working with the fantastic team at CPA Alberta. Getting to meet the dynamic and engaging individuals who call themselves CPAs was an extra bonus! We look forward to working with CPAs in the future!

A sample of the fun videos we created can be found here.

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