FedGas – Social Media Ad videos
Social Media Ad videos

This past summer, Lindisfarne Productions was asked to create a series of short social media ad videos for the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-Ops (FedGas).

FedGas represents Alberta’s natural gas co-operative utilities, municipal gas utilities, and First Nations-owned rural natural gas utilities. Their utilities service family farms, acreage subdivisions, towns and villages, and industries from Peace River down to the United States border, and from the Saskatchewan border to the foothills of Alberta.

The goal of this series of social media ad videos is to promote Co-Op membership, highlight the importance of natural gas to rural Alberta communities, and encourage safe digging practices.

Lindisfarne worked on script-writing, story development, and talent acquisition for the project. We then hired local actors and voice talent to help tell the story. In addition to professional talent, we featured local community members and natural gas utility operators, bringing authenticity to the videos.

Our crew traveled to the communities of Lamont and Drayton Valley to film on location. While there, we captured picturesque scenes of the areas, including drone footage of the communities and surrounding agriculture. It is alway fun for our team to get out of the city and experience more of what Alberta has to offer! It was a pleasure for our team to explore these fantastic communities.

Moreover, it was wonderful to meet local community members who benefit from the services provided by the Federation of Alberta Gas Co-Ops. We met with businesses, individuals, and families served by FedGas. We also met with local utility employees who construct the pipelines, install the meters, perform administration, and everything in between!

Social Media Ad videos

It was a pleasure to be asked to be a part of this project and to learn more about Alberta’s utility providers!

Check out the final social media ad videos below!

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