4K Video
How To: Understanding 4K Video Resolution

There is a lot of video jargon out there and with technology and video resolution evolving it can be hard to keep up! This article is designed to specifically explain 4K video technology and why we at Lindisfarne Productions often use it. 

To understand what 4K video is we first need to understand video resolution. Resolution indicates how many pixels can be displayed on a screen at one point in time. 

This resolution chart below outlines how many pixels are within some common resolution. 

1280 x 720720p, HD
1920 x 10801080p, HD
3840 x 21604K, UHD
7680 x 43208K, FUHD

Put simply, 4K refers to the approximately 4000 pixels across a screen display, double the standard HD 1920 pixels. These extra pixels allow for significantly more detailed images.

While physical screen sizes can differ, they may have the same resolution; for instance a 50’ TV and a 80’ TV can have the same resolution even though the sizes differ. The 80’ TV uses the same amount of pixels. bit those pixels are bigger than the 50’ TV. 

Before you start filming it is important to set the filming resolution as the quality of the images and pixels will be lost if the resolution is changed in editing.  

When do we use 4K video?

4K video footage does take up a lot of space and often it is exported to 1080p for easier distribution. So why film in 4K? 4K technology can save time on set and within the editing suite. Instead of having to film with different cameras at multiple angles, 4K may allow you to film a scene once. This is because 4K footage can be cropped from a medium shot to a close up shot without losing image quality. 

So now that you know all about 4K video… should you shoot your project in 4K?

This all depends on what you would like to achieve with your project. Just because 4K is a high image resolution does not mean it will give you bang for your buck. 

The team at Lindisfarne Productions prides ourselves on helping you find the best solution for your unique project, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. We are confident we can find the right resolution for your project needs.

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