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HQCA – 2023 Patient Experience Videos

Lindisfarne Productions had the pleasure of working with the team at the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA), once again, to create awards videos for their 2023 annual Patient Experience Awards.

The Health Quality Council of Alberta is a provincial agency that “brings together patients, families, and partners from across healthcare and academia to inspire improvement in patient safety, person-centred care, and health service quality.”

The HQCA Patient Experience Awards provide recognition to individuals or teams of healthcare workers in Alberta involved in implementing an initiative that promotes a positive patient, client, or resident experience.

This year’s awards honoured healthcare organizations and professionals for improving the patient and family experience across a range of services – from neonatal intensive care through enhancing quality of life for people with incurable cancer.

This year’s recipients of patient experience videos and awards include:

ACTIVE – North
ACTIVE-North is an eight-week interdisciplinary program. It offers individualized support in pain management and rehabilitation to northern Albertans with incurable cancer. Delivered to people in their homes via Zoom, it significantly reduces the travel burden for people in remote communities. 

patient experience videos

Family Integrated Care
Family Integrated Care has improved the experience of parents in feeling included in their preterm baby’s care. It has been implemented in 14 neonatal ICUs in Alberta.

patient experience videos

Indigenous Support Line
The first of its kind in Canada, the Indigenous Support Line is a toll-free, confidential phone service that connects Indigenous callers and service providers with Indigenous health professionals. 

The Pediatric Eating and Swallowing (PEAS) Project grew from a desire to improve care for children who have a feeding disorder. Approximately 35 per cent of typically developing children and 80 per cent of developmentally vulnerable children have eating and swallowing difficulties, associated with significant health risks, family stress, and expense.

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