Oral History Video
Oral History Videos – Woodlands Cree Elders

Lindisfarne Productions had the honour of creating a series of oral history videos for the Municipal District of Opportunity No.17. The M.D. of Opportunity was looking to educate and preserve community history, while supporting the Public Library Services Branch Indigenous Outreach Program. The goal of the videos is to help preserve the rich and valuable history of the Woodlands Cree People of Wabasca, Calling Lake, Red Earth Creek, Lake Chipewyan, Trout Lake, Sandy Lake, and Peerless Lake.

Oral History Video

Our team traveled up to the M.D. of Opportunity to interview several Elders from the area. We learned all about the Woodlands Cree People’s connection to the land and animals. The elders shared stories of working on the traplines, traveling for supplies, and foraging for traditional medicines. We learned about individual experiences with colonialism and residential schools. Traditional knowledge is at the centre of indigenous culture, language, heritage, and identity. The preservation and transfer of traditional knowledge from one generation to the next is vital. Our whole crew was humbled to be welcomed into each Elder’s home and hear first hand accounts of their experiences.

Oral History Video

The M.D. of Opportunity and the Library board plans to preserve these stories and videos for future generations.

It was such a privilege for our team to be a part of this amazing project. Assisting in the preservation of the stories, knowledge, tradition, and language of the Woodlands Cree people for future generations was an honour.

A sample of the oral history videos created can be viewed below:

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