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RPAP Award of Distinction – Dr. Lewke-Bogle Award Video

This year’s Rural Physician Action Plan (RPAP) Award of Distinction recipient is a rural Alberta physician who came out of retirement not once, but twice in order to serve her local community and save the hospital services there. Lindisfarne’s Edmonton based video production team had the honour to travel south to meet this fantastic physician and speak to community members about what her dedication has meant for the town of Milk River and the surrounding area. The final product was an award video honouring the work of this fantastically dedicated physician.award video

It was such a pleasure for us to spend time in this wonderful community.

Dr. Elisabeth (Liesl) Lewke-Bogle and her family welcomed our team into their home and it was immediately evident what a special family they were and how much their community meant to them.

In speaking to residents of Milk River, everyone seemed to have a good word and a lovely anecdote to share about Dr. Lewke-Bogle. Time and time again we were told that without her hard work, the hospital in Milk River would have shut its doors long ago.

This video was a definite feel-good one for the Lindisfarne crew. Dr. Lewke-Bogle and the entire town of Milk River opened their hearts and their homes to us and showed us the true meaning of community. We wish Milk River the best of luck for the future of their medical service, and Dr. Lewke-Bogle the very best as she heads back into retirement!

award video

Check out the full video here.