In 2021, Lindisfarne Productions had the opportunity to produce new career videos for the Government of Alberta alis initiative.

For years, the website has been assisting Albertans in finding careers that suit their skills, personalities, and life goals by offering practical information on over 575 occupations. Each occupational profile provides information like educational requirements, salary ranges, day to day duties, responsibilities, and working conditions.

For this year’s career videos we filmed across the province. Every year we get to speak to unique and interesting Albertans and learn about exciting and innovative careers. This year was no different!

Some of the many occupations we covered in this year’s career videos include:

Biotechnologist Career Videos

Biotechnologists apply their knowledge of biochemistry, microbiology, and molecular genetics to improve industrial processes. We spoke with Michael, a biotechnologist in Edmonton to find out more about this science-based career!

Physiologist Career Videos

Physiologists are scientists who study the whole organism and cellular function in humans, animals, and plants. We spoke with Shereen, an accomplished physiologist and researcher at the University of Alberta, about what it takes to become a physiologist.

Policy Analyst Career Video

Policy analysts conduct research to identify emerging issues, develop policy and advocacy initiatives, and determine policy positions and solutions. We met with Rainer, a policy analyst in Alberta, to walk us through this career.

career videos

Roofer Career Video

Roofers prepare and apply protective coverings to flat and sloped roof surfaces in accordance with construction plans and specifications.We spoke to James, a roofer in Edmonton, about what it takes to be a successful roofer!

career videos

Translator Career Video

Translators convert written text from one language to another, conveying meaning as faithfully as possible. Translators may work in a variety of locations and industries. We spoke to Claudia, to translate the details of this intriguing career.