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Community Leadership – United Way of the Alberta Capital Region Fundraising Video

Over 120,000 people in the Alberta Capital Region are living in poverty. United Way of the Alberta Capital Region is helping to change that by working with government, business, and community organizations to find a solution. How to convey that information to the community at large? Have our team at Lindisfarne create a fundraising video highlighting the work you do!

In 2014, United Way and over 3000 community leaders within the Greater Edmonton area contributed over $7.9 Million dollars towards the goal of eliminating poverty in our region.

This summer, Lindisfarne Productions had the opportunity to work with the United Way in creating a fundraising video that hopes to give a voice to those still struggling within our community. We were honoured to have the opportunity to help the United Way in its mission to create a positive and lasting change.

fundraising video

PCL’s Shane Jones on set for the United Way

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