Covenant Health Foundation – fundraising videos

The folks at the Covenant Health Foundation invited Lindisfarne to create a fundraising videos to highlight compassionate care from birth to life. We always appreciate to have the opportunity to speak to patients and hear their stories.

We spoke with Courtney James, a former maternity patient, about her experience with Covenant Health. Courtney thought she was going to the hospital for a regular labour. Unfortunately, immediately after delivering her son, it was very apparent Courtney was in distress. Subsequently, Courtney ended up needed major surgery and a hysterectomy to save her life. Without the emergency intervention and care of the Covenant Health team, Courtney may not have had the opportunity to come home to her family. Our team was honoured to speak to Courtney and be able to share her story.

fundraising videos

In addition, we spoke to Sue Stein, whose husband, Dick, was a palliative care patient at a Covenant Health facility. As a former volunteer at Covenant Health facilities, Sue knew firsthand the high level of care provided. Consequently, when Dick was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, Sue knew Covenant Health would be the best place for him. The Covenant team helped Dick and his family find comfort and support in the final stages of his life. Hearing about Dick’s life and Sue’s love was an inspiration for our team.

fundraising videos

Altogether, it was an honour to highlight the important and life-saving work of the Covenant Health team. We love seeing the impacts of compassionate care on real patients and their families.

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