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The McDades – Music videos

Lindisfarne Productions is proud to have produced and filmed 3 dynamic new music videos for Juno-nominated artists, The McDades.

The McDades are an Edmonton-based folk band. The band centres around siblings Shannon Johnson, Solon McDade, and Jeremiah McDade. Our team created 3 separate music videos for their Juno-nominated album, The Empress.

music videos

To maintain an organic feel, videos were all shot in the recording studio. Multiple cameras and a variety of cinematic techniques were used, creating a unique look for each video. We kept our crew small: 1 director, 3 shooters, 1 makeup artist, and a production coordinator to preserve the intimate feel of the videos. Our post-production team used additional creative techniques to enhance the feel of each song.

music videos

We had a blast working with the McDades. We will be cheering them on at the 2023 Juno Awards here in Edmonton!

Watch a sample of our music videos here.