Safety Orientation Video Production
WorleyParsonsCord – Industrial Safety Orientation Videos

We spent a couple of bitterly cold days with the team at WorleyParsonsCord (WPC) filming a series of industrial safety orientation videos to accompany their new online orientation modules for new staff and contractors. We visited several WorleyParsonsCord Industrial sites to capture safety procedures being implemented to prevent potential hazards and accidents. Luckily, working with the friendly WPC team was so much fun we almost forgot how coldĀ it was!

Industrial safety orientation videos

Our film crew visited various industrial sites across Alberta including CNRL, North of Fort McKay, to capture WorleyParsonsCord’s extensive safety procedures in clear and informative steps to ensure everyone confidently follows safe practices at all of their industrial sites! The WorleyParsonsCord employees welcomed us to site and tool the time to walk us through various procedures – some even volunteered to be our talent for the day!

Our team learned a lot about the hard work and dedication of the WorleyParsonsCord team and we were inspired to seeĀ their commitment to safety in action.

Thanks for showing us the ropes WPC!