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A Mother’s Love – Survivor Profile Video

Our team at Lindisfarne Productions produced a touching survivor profile video for Alberta Cancer Foundation‘s Bust A Move to release on Mother’s Day.

When Christy was first diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 28, she was also told she would never be able to conceive children of her own.  Though devastated, Christy and her husband banded together to focus on her health.

After going through chemotherapy and surgery, Christy and her husband decided it was time to look into adoption.

“We found out we had been chosen by a birth family based on our story.” Two months later, the couple was able to hold their daughter for the first time.

“I really love being a mom. It’s definitely my destiny. All the things my mom taught me, I am now very excited to teach my daughter.”

Profile Video

Christy has now been cancer-free for six years. “It’s so important to support things like Bust-a-Move. I know a lot of the reason that I’m here today is because of research that is being done.”

She was never expecting the next big news that entered her life this year… against all odds, Christy and her husband are expecting a new addition to the family!

“We tried for a very, very long time and suddenly it actually happened. So surprisingly. I’m just so excited to meet our little boy or girl.”

Click here to watch this survivor profile video and hear Christy’s inspiring story!

Profile Video