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A Taste of Love – original series pilot

Lindisfarne Productions is excited to introduce our own original series pilot: A Taste of Love. Produced with the support of TELUS STORYHIVE, we were honoured to have the opportunity. 

Secretly, our team at is always happy for the opportunity to play matchmaker; and so A Taste of Love was born! A Taste of Love explores new and unconventional ways of finding love during a global pandemic. Each episode features a blind date where two love-seekers find out if food is truly the way to someone‚Äôs heart. Adding to the challenge – dating while maintaining social distance! 

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So what is a Taste of Love?

A Taste of Love has humour, charm, diverse Canadian identities, and of course kitchen bloopers. Our pilot episode sees two love-seekers, Andrea and Kyle, coming together for an online dinner and blind date. Prior to the date, each of them receive a recipe and ingredients for their date’s “signature” meal. They must then create that meal using whatever cooking skills they can muster. Audiences catch a glimpse of personalities through the recipes chosen, and how they handle the “heat” in the kitchen. Ultimately, audiences see Andrea and Kyle meet online to discuss food, kitchen fiascos, and finding love. Will they be smitten in the kitchen?

Creating a show during a global pandemic

Making a series pilot during a pandemic was a new and challenging experience for Lindisfarne Productions. We had to get creative to design and produce a show following current national and regional production guidelines for COVID-19. Our crew captured our blind date entirely with 4K remote controlled cameras, mounted production cameras, and masked cinematographers. It was imperative to use the right gear to capture a real and convincing sense of dating life under quarantine. 

A Taste of Love offered our team the opportunity to test our creativity and production skills; making a project that is innovative and timely. We had a lot of fun and can’t wait to see where A Taste of Love will take us!

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