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Here’s Nina! – Nina Haggerty Award Videos
This past November our Lindisfarne Video Production team had the pleasure of creating a series of award videos for the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts event and awards show “Here’s Nina!”
award videos
The Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts, or “The Nina,” as it is more commonly known, is a unique and inspiring art collective in the heart of Alberta Avenue, made up entirely of Edmonton artists with developmental disabilities. The work of the Nina allows all of their members the ability to express themselves through a variety of art forms and leads to the ability of their patrons to truly reach their full potential.
award videos
We interviewed the award recipients and produced several award videos to celebrate the inspiring winners of ┬áthis year’s honours. Each winner was extremely excited to be receiving an award and was more than deserving of the honour!
award videos
The awards this year were sponsored by ATB, Cameron Corporation, Stantec, and Telus. Lindisfarne was also happy to be able to sponsor this fantastic event!
We loved working with The Nina and each of the award winners and we look forward to working with The Nina again in 2017!
You can check out each of the videos here.
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